Viva Las Vegas and Other Bits

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2023-02-11)

Yesterday was filled with a flurry of announcements and information. We’re wrapping it all into one update for those who want to catch up!

sun have launched the 2023 subscriber offer, but haven’t announced what the gift is yet. With a number of subscribers having their subscription come to an end recently they were faced with only a choice to re-subscribe for last year’s gift. (If you aren’t due to re-subscribe, there is no need to rush out and resub. This affects those who are due to re-subscribe at this time.)

Starting last night, you can re-subscribe for a yet unannounced gift, and not have to fuss around worrying about getting the same gift a second time. You can reach the subscription page here: About the gift they say, “The band’s creative team are buttoning down the final details of an exciting 2023 limited edition gift and we’ll be emailing details to all subscribers in the next few weeks.”

Subscription prices are $50 if you are a new subscriber, and $40 if you are renewing a current subscription.

If you already did resubscribe, and picked the same offer you had before? Contact the team at, and let them know you re-subscribed before the new offer went live, and let them know you would like the new gift instead of the one you already had. You’ll likely need to provide your invoice number so have that ready.


A new bundle just launched in the US Store for U2.Com. Now available is a special boxed T-Shirt and CD bundle. This is the basic CD with 16 tracks, and comes with a black cotton T-shirt with the album cover printed on the front.

The whole package comes in a custom box, printed with the cover of the album on the front of the box. The CD included is the same as what can be commercially bought on its own at other shops.

It is exclusive to the US store at this time, and is being promoted as a US Exclusive. Since the announcement of Songs of Surrender fans have been locked into a specific store based on where you live.


Additional formats are still expected to be announced beyond the above. The purple vinyl that everyone is asking about should be announced in the next two weeks, and should be available via Universal Music online shops.


The big news is the news that the Las Vegas announcement is coming shortly. U2 will be playing a residency at the brand new MSG Sphere. Dates will be announced on Sunday night, via a commercial that is airing during the Super Bowl. Details should also be available online shortly after.

The announcement yesterday was via the U2Community account on Twitter. “It’s happening Baby…”, an image of the Vegas skyline with a baby’s face in the sphere, and a link to U2Community is a Twitter account run by the Zootopia team at

Accompanying the news on Twitter, a press release was sent out to media outlets by U2’s representatives. The press release revealed that there would be a commercial airing during the Super Bowl. The message included the link to and the image of the baby’s head in the MSG Sphere, and the message “Something is coming…………Tune in for a special ad this Super Bowl Sunday to see more.” Additionally staff at MSG announced that the Sphere at the Venetian would be opening in September, so expect U2’s shows to start at that time.


With the tease of the Las Vegas shows, we’ve set up our own show page with all the details we know so far, as well as a healthy dose of rumours. When the dates are announced we’ll update with additional information. It’s available here!



U2 have just posted an additional video, without sound, to their social media accounts.

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