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Original Story (www.u2wanderer.org) by Aaron J. Sams (2000-07-16)

The past month has seen the unveiling of two U2 based web sites. Both have been made publically accessable before either was ready to be publically viewed.

www.u2propaganda.com made it’s debut a couple of weeks ago. Initially viewers could enter, browse through back issue contents and see images of the covers. There were also features for ordering subscriptions and back issues that were not functioning. A few days later the bulk of the web site became unaccessable and visitors are now greeted with a “Under Construction” message.

This past weekend www.u2.com appeared on the web. The main page looks like a three dimensional layout of a house with various rooms that viewers can visit. The site is very heavy with Flash plug-ins and images, and takes a painful amount of time to download on a slow connection. There have also been reports of several viewers having computer crashes while trying to view the page. It is very much a work in progress.

What is available there now? There is a few photographs of the band in the studio, and a place you can register your email for updates, as well as some quotes from the band on the new album. The other areas such as the planned studio cam are not working as of this time.

What is planned for the future? Web cams where viewers can watch the progress of the new album seem to be the first planned addition. As well a contest for coming up with a caption for a web cam image is being planned. Prizes will consist of a 1980-1990 box set of singles, as well as second prizes of “Hasta La Vista Baby”. A new story at @U2 also states plans for audio and video clips, but no mp3s. Merchandise will be available through the site, as well as a history overview of the band’s career. The article also mentions that fans will be incorporated into the further development of the website.

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