Where the Shadows Fall Released in Film

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-04-29)

Today saw the release of the Lian Lunson directed film, Waiting for the Miracle to Come. The movie features a new song written by Bono, “Where the Shadows Fall,” which is performed over the end credits of the film by Willie Nelson with backing vocals by Bono. Bono also is credited with the music for the “Theme Orchestration,” performed in the film by Richard Souther. Bono is also listed as an executive producer of the film. The song, and film, debuted at the Austin Film Festival in October 2018. The film was released today in honour of Willie Nelson’s 86th birthday.

The film is available now at Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. The links here point to the USA stores, but the film is also available in Canada. At this time it has not been released outside of North America and an international release date will be announced soon. A physcial DVD is now available through Amazon US. The song is currently only available as part of the film, and has not been released separate at this time.

The lyrics for this new Bono penned song are as follows:

Where the Shadows Fall
Lyrics by Bono and Simon Carmody

The desert rose can take the cold
And I can take the growing old
But I ache tonight
For an abandoned memory
That could have kept me company
In the dying of the light.

The ghost town that’s inside of me
The spirits that divided me
The dark and its daylight

I…I didn’t mean to leave you
Where the shadows fall
I…I didn’t mean to leave you
Where the shadows fall
I didn’t mean to leave you at all

[…found this book by the packaging
of understanding
i could really make it a virtue…

True love has the sweetest tooth
Very little use for truth
But it’s fearless
The sorrow is sweet when it’s in rhyme
The broken words
The life of crime
In a summer dress

Tonight I wish I didn’t dare
That I didn’t see what isn’t there
With such clearness

I…I didn’t mean to leave you
Where the shadows fall
I…I didn’t mean to leave you
Where the shadows fall
I didn’t mean to leave you at all…

The song was produced by Andy Barlow, who also provides keyboards on the track. Barlow, best known for his work with the band Lamb, recently worked with U2 on the album Songs of Experience as a producer, and has been working with the band as a producer / mixer on the recent U2 tours as well. Barlow brought equipment with him to work with and record the band as they toured. Barlow is credited on the songs “Love is All We Have Left” (production and mixing), “Book of Your Heart” (production and mixing), “Red Flag Day (Production), “The Little Things that Give You Away” (produced with Jolyon Thomas), and “Landlady” (produced with Ryan Tedder) from U2’s most recent album.

Guitar is provided on the song by another long standing member of the U2 recording team, Declan Gaffney. Gaffney has been working with U2 as a recording engineer on projects including No Line on the Horizon, including many of their recordings since that album. Harmonica on the track is provided by long time Willie Nelson collaborator, Mickey Raphael, who also performed on “Slow Dancing”. “Where the Shadows Fall” was recorded using Barlow’s mobile recording studio, and mixed at The Lookout Studio. Mastering was done by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman Studios.

Simon Carmody, listed as a co-writer of the song, is a long time collaborator with Bono. He has co-written a number of songs for other artists to sing, including the song “Streets of Surrender (S.O.S.)“ recorded by Zucchero, “I Am the Blues“ recorded by Johnny Hallyday, “Sugar Daddy

“Where the Shadows Fall” features Bono on backing vocal, and is the only song in the film to feature a member of U2 in the recording. However, as mentioned above, Bono also contributed to the writing of the “Theme Orchestration” for the film.

The full credits for these two songs are as follows:

Theme Orchestration
Music by Bono. Arrangement and Performed by Richard Souther

Where the Shadows Fall
Music by Bono
Lyrics by Bono & Simon Carmody
Vocals by Willie Nelson
Backing Vocals by Bono
Produced by Andy Barlow
Guitar by Declan Gaffney
Keyboards by Andy Barlow
Harmonica by Mickey Raphael
Mixed at The Lookout Studio
Mastered by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman
Used under arrangement with Legacy Recordings a division of Sony Music Entertainment (p) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment

The film is available now on iTunes and Amazon in North America. A DVD has also been released through Amazon in the USA. Additional physical formats for the movie are planned including a “Blue-Ray Collectors Edition DVD” and a special concert edition DVD, but further details have not yet been announced on these formats. Further information is available from the film website.

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