Win the U2 Discography

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-02-11)

Tomorrow we are launching a contest to win “The Kiosk Collection”, the Spanish box set which contains 14 CDs and 4 DVDs from U2’s career. You can find out more information about this release in this discography entry.

The set will contained sealed copies of most of the releases, however “The Joshua Tree,” “Achtung Baby,” and “Songs of Innocence” have been removed from the original larger packaging so they will fit into the box set.

How do you enter?

  • Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. You can ‘play’ on either platform. But if you are not a subscriber / follower when we pull the answer, we will choose another winner.
  • Starting at 8am GMT (London Time) we will post the first trivia question on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you wish to enter, please retweet or share the trivia question first, so we can see that you have entered the question.
  • Then send an email to the email address listed in the trivia question. Please include your twitter user name, or your name on Facebook. Also include the question number in the subject of your email Each will have a number.
  • That’s it. Please only enter one time per person per question.

The email address is from

Yes we are still using the old site address for emails. It is not a mistake. The email you will send to is

How do you enter multiple times to increase your chances of winning?

  • At some point after the first question we will post a second question.
  • If you would like to play again at that time you can, share or retweet the question, depending on whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, and then answer the question via email.
  • Feel free to answer each of the questions we post through the day, but please, one answer per person per question.

I wasn’t awake when the first question was posted?

  • We will keep the ability to answer questions open for 24 hours after the final question is posted. You have time to catch up.

Do I have to retweet / share / answer each question?

  • No, if you choose to only answer one question we will enter you into the draw with one entry. If you enter more often you will have a better chance to win but you do not need to enter more often.
  • But please share / retweet each question that you choose to answer.

What if I don’t know the answers?

  • Part of the fun we hope will be searching for the answers to some odd questions. To help out we have included ‘hints’ in each question. If you go to the address in the hint you should find a spot to find your answer. But some of the hints will be more difficult than others.
  • We will post all of the questions and answers here after the contest closes.

How many questions will there be?

  • We’re not telling. But we will start asking questions at 8am GMT (London time), and will ask them throughout the day, ending at 8pm PST (Seattle time).

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