Wrap Up: U2.Com store, Downloads, Upcoming Shows

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2019-08-29)

There’s been a number of smaller items we’ve noted on social media or elsewhere. This article pulls together a few notes on each of these in case you’ve missed anything.

Manila was announced almost a month ago, but tickets have not yet gone on sale. They start going on sale at 10am (Philippines time) on Sunday September 1. Up first is the U2.Com presales with the Red Hill group of longer term subscribers starting at 10am on Sunday, and the Wires group of newer subscribers starting at noon that day. The Red Hill group will still be able to buy tickets while the Wires group is able to access the sale, but if you want to use the benefit of being a longer term subscriber, Red Hill subscribers have a two hour window all to themselves before that Wires sale starts.

GA tickets will be done through a special public pre sale on Wednesday September 4. This starts at 10am (Philippines time) on that day. These sales are limited to two tickets per person, and to take part in this pre sale you had to pre-register. The regular sale will start on September 5 for all remaining GA tickets, as well as all seated tickets.

More information on all of the sales times and other information is available on U2.Com.

For the two shows in Japan a number of additional tickets have been added for both shows. These two new sections are being called “Stage Side Seats” and “Back Stand Seats” and both are being advertised with restricted views. (From the seating map published both appear to have little to no view of the screen, but the band should be visible.

These new seats are priced low, and are available now if interested. More information is available at U2Japan2019.com.

We are told that the show in Manila may not be the last show for 2019, and that there are still plans to try to add another show. The rumours shared with us say that this would be Mumbai if they are able to add one. We do not know when this might be announced if it is finalized, but are told that they are still working towards the possible addition of this show. If this show is added, it would take the tour to 15 shows, and no other shows and that is likely where it would end with no other shows currently being planned. It is expected that this tour will not be extended into 2020, and that the band will take some time off to start work on a new album before any further plans of touring are made. For more information on the Mumbai rumours please see our earlier article.

Also as we reported earlier in the week, two new coloured vinyl pressings are due to be announced soon, with an onsale date planned for October 11. October will be released on cream coloured vinyl as a single disc. Pop will be released on an orange coloured vinyl on two discs. These reissues are being driven by the label, and have been part of a larger campaign with the past releases. The Spring release of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and The Unforgettable Fire on coloured vinyl were part of a program of 16 releases which included releases by Maroon Five, Elton John, Amy Winehouse, ABBA, and Duffy among others. U2’s albums are mastered for vinyl by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman mastering, and when asked about the sound of coloured vinyl pressings, Sedillo stated: “Novelty LPs, like picture discs or other kinds of crazy swirl patterns in vinyl, often suffer from high surface noise and distortion because of the coloring compound’s effect. But it’s nice to see that this clear vinyl and these other colored LPs maintain a good level of sonic performance. And you get a treat for the eye, as well.”

There’s also been some changes over at U2.Com. Over the past few days they’ve been doing some work on the store at the site. They now have a drop down menu where you can pick from the normal store, or a UK store. When the two first appeared, they had the same contents for sale in each store, but as the day went on there is now some differences in what is available in one store vs. another. The recently added The Unforgettable Fire T-shirt for instance is now only showing in the UK shop.

The site also released two additional downloads from the forthcoming fan club release. The two songs are “Invisible,” live from Toronto in 2015, and “Red Flag Day,” live from Cologne in 2018. Both are available now in your profile at U2.Com if you have subscribed / re-subscribed for 2019. Although operators at U2.Com were telling people that the gift should start shipping in August when people called in July, the gift has not yet started to ship. We expect shipping will start soon. Ten of the tracks are now available for download from the final album.

Finally if you are looking about information on U2’s home video releases, or other upcoming projects such as the T-Rex tribute album, we suggest you check out our upcoming releases section.

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