Zoo TV Funko Pops in July!

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2022-03-06)

We told you last month that we were hearing rumours about new Funko Pop figures featuring U2. We are now able to fill in a few more blanks about the figures.

Six U2 themed Funko Pops are planned. These are as follows:

  • FUK064031 U2 Achtung Baby Car with Bono
  • FUK064032 U2 Zoo TV – Adam
  • FUK064033 U2 Zoo TV – Bono
  • FUK065034 U2 Zoo TV – Edge
  • FUK065035 U2 Zoo TV – Larry
  • FUK065037 U2 Achtung Baby with The Edge

All four of the standalone Funkos of the band will be themed “Zoo TV” and will feature each band member in tour outfits. There will be two additional special figures, one of Bono and one of The Edge. Bono will be part of a Funko Ride Deluxe package, and will come with an “Achtung Baby car”. The Edge will be part of the Pop! Albums line, and will come in a special larger box, with a recreation of the Achtung Baby cover behind the figure. (The figure in the Albums line is the standard size, and the album is not included, the cover is replicated at 9-inches by 9-inches, and comes in a collectors display case.)

For those who don’t know what a Funko Pop! is, they are plastic toy figures with small bodies and exagerated heads. The heads are square in shape with rounded edges, button eyes, and usually no mouth. Standard figures are about 4-inches tall. There are over 25,000 items available in the line, including figures from music, movies, television, British royalty, comic books and Pop culture icons.

The individual stand alone figures usual retail for $12-15US. The Funko Ride figures typically retail from $25-30US, and the Pop Albums figures typically retail around $25US. Although these prices are listed in US Dollars, it is expected that these Funko figures will be available worldwide. Funko figures are often sold in toy stores, comic book stores, book stores and music stores, as well as department stores and online.

For those eagle eyed readers, you’ll notice the numbers above do not run in order. The one that is missing is another music Funko for the band Queen. Other items being released in the Pop line at this time are Funkos for Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson, Biz Markie, Mariah Carey and Judas Priest.

Funko has faced supply chain issues like many other companies and as such have not yet announced these. The full set will be announced closer to the release date when Funko can ensure in-store dates, however retailers have been seeing these listed on order forms. We are told that they are planned for a July release, and that they should be announced in April.

We will bring you more information when these are officially announced. The Edge image used on our social media / news pages is created by our team and is not an image of the upcoming figures. This is the first time that U2 have been featured in the Funko collection, although in the past some people have created unofficial custom versions of Funko figures to look like U2.

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