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Aaron J. Sams

Aaron J. Sams has been a U2 fan since 1983, and is celebrating 40 years of following the band with the publication of the book U2 Song by Song by Fonthill Media, which provides an examination of each U2 release, song by song, from the first release, “Three” (1979) up to “Atomic City” (2023). The book looks at the development of these songs, and the impact the songs have had on the world today, charting U2’s rise to success, documenting chart postitions and awards for each song. Aaron has also written for Record Collector magazine, contributing articles about U2’s collectible items, compiling a discography of releases, and collaborating on a new Top 100 U2 collectibles list. Aaron has also contributed to U2: A Diary by Matt McGee (Omnibus Press, 2008), U2: The Complete Guide by Bill Graham and Caroline van Oosten de Boer (2004 Ed.), and U2 Live: A Concert Documentary by Pimm Jal de la Perra (3rd Ed., 2003)

Aaron has been lucky to have traveled the world to see U2, everywhere from Tokyo in one direction, and Istanbul in the other. His favourite U2 song is “Running to Stand Still” and depending on what season it is may answer No Line on the Horizon, Zooropa or The Unforgettable Fire as his favourite album.

Aaron started keeping a paper-and-pen copy of notes on U2’s discography back in 1989, tucked away in the back of his Rattle and Hum film book. In April 1995, as a student at Mount Allison University, Aaron took that list and incorporated it into the first version of this website. He even borrowed some space at the University of Ohio State to publish the site. We believe it is the oldest continuously published U2 fan site on the Internet today. The site has focused on U2’s collectibles and discography since its beginnings, although has expanded to include a look at U2’s videos, demos, and includes a full show archive. All these years later, Aaron still collects all things U2, and keeps tracks of the releases.

Aaron lives on the east coast of Canada, works with seaweed for his daily job, and loves the stares he gets when he tells people he has over 80 copies of “The Joshua Tree”.

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