u2songs.com Staff Biography

Don Morgan

Don Morgan has been a U2 die-hard since he was a freshman in high school in 1987—the year The Joshua Tree ascended to the top of the charts and U2 was “rock’s hottest ticket.” (In those days, though, he would have tried to convince you that he got on board with The Unforgettable Fire, in order to avoid accusations of being a bandwagon-jumper.)

His U2 collecting began almost immediately, starting with the band’s back catalog and continuing with the Joshua Tree cassette maxi-singles. Beyond the music, various posters and books about U2 rounded out the collection, along with the Live at Red Rocks VHS.

After having his mind blown by Achtung Baby in 1991, the demands of college and career dictated that Don’s U2 obsession take a back seat to real life. He got back into hardcore fandom in 2000 with the release of All That You Can’t Leave Behind and has kept in step ever since.

Don works in the non-profit sector as a writer. At one time, he maintained a primitive discography for Afro Celt Sound System (http://www.afrocelts.org, www.afroceltsoundsystem.net), landing his name in the liner notes for two of the band’s albums on Realworld Records, Pod and Capture 1995-2010.

Don is married (his wife sustained genuine hearing damage at the U2360 show in Denver) and has two daughters (who both dutifully pump their fists when WTSHNN pops up on the playlist). He is a native of Colorado, but the answer to both of the inevitable follow-up questions is “No” (he did not attend the Red Rocks show in 83, as he was only 11 years old at the time; and he did not attend the show filmed for Rattle and Hum at McNichols Arena due to having a role in a church play on the night of the concert).