u2songs.com Staff Biography

Harry Kantas

Harry lives in Dublin, but still has his Greek accent. He’s 33, and has been a U2 fan a lot longer than he hasn’t. He was 5 when The Joshua Tree came out. His cousin was 18, and had it on vinyl and on tape. He taught Harry how to sing the songs in what can only be described as Greek-lish. He collects most things that have “U2” written on them. His favourite album: Boy. Favourite Tour: U2360, or as he called it, the “Summer house” since he spent more time under the claw than he did at home. He’s happily married to his Miss, now Mrs Sarajevo!

Harry does have a weakness for coloured vinyl, and promotional shows. He managed to see a few along the way, and also has spent a number of nights taking in live performances. His live gigs list can be found at http://u2gigs.com/myshows/26690. He’s even appeared in concert with the band, performing “Angel of Harlem” on stage recently.

Harry helps out in all aspects technical around the site, contributes to the discography sections, and helps Aaron amass strange collectibles that no one else may want. Harry can be found on twitter at harrykantas</a>, and he also helps run the site account at <a href="http://www.twitter.com/u2songs/">u2songs.