Occasionally we see things listed that don’t have any U2 content. We pride ourselves on doing our research and figuring out what does or does not have U2 performances. Here’s a list of a few things that DO NOT have any U2 content.

The Edge – “Lunatice” Single
Song: “Lunatice”

In 2018 a round of posts on social media reported that The Edge had a new song out, called “Lunatice”. The song however is not by The Edge of U2, and while new, has no U2 content. Instead the song is by Dutch DJ “The Edge” who is also known by his real name Ger Meijer. The DJ is not attempting to fool U2 fans, his real name is included in the artwork for the single, probably because he has had issues in the past.

Cut to the Chase – Hard Album
Song: “Cool American”

This one has appeared for years in lists of U2’s solo works. In the liner notes for this album, one song, “Cool American,” lists that Bono plays drums. However, the drums here are not by Bono. Instead they are by a drummer named Glen “Bono” Saunders. Although the booklet credits only list “Bono”, this drummer has worked on other projects with members of Cut to the Chase, and has been credited by his full name on those projects.

The Edge – “Welcome to Godzilla Island” Single
Song: “Welcome to Godzilla Island”

This one appeared on wikipedia at one point and other sites as part of the work of The Edge. However, although the artist credited is The Edge, the inner liner notes clearly state that lyrics and vocals are by The Edge. If you listen to the song, it is immediately obvious that the vocals are not being sung by The Edge from U2. Indeed there is a female artist in Japan who also chooses to use that name, and this is her song. There is no U2 content. This was released on a soundtrack for the Godzilla Island show, as well as a single in Japan.

Longpigs – Mobile Home
Song: “Blue Skies”

This one has been listed in various locations over the years. The claim is that Bono was part of the recording and does some vocals. The Longpigs were on Mother Records. I have spoken with Simon Stafford, a member of the Longpigs, and he has 100% denied any involvement of Bono in the track, and Bono was not present for any of the recordings sessions for this album. For those who would like to listen to the track, the backing vocals do sound similar to Bono in places. It was reported that reps from Parlaphone and EMI were asked if Bono may have been part of the recording, but they would not confirm this leading to speculation at the time that it was indeed Bono.

INXS – “Tiny Summer” Single
Song: “Tiny Summer”

This 2011 track from INXS was released on the internet without revealing who was singing on vocals. All that was known was that it wasn’t previous vocalist J.D. Fortune. A number of media outlets suggested that the vocals might be from a well known friend of the band, Bono. To make matters worse Andrew Farriss spoke about the song: “Without a doubt, amazing song magic happened when Michael and I were a creating writing team. Recently at a party, I met a fellow songwriter by accident, an Irish bloke, and we sat around playing songs on acoustic guitars. Despite his funny accent, we then spent a few days songwriting and singing together… song magic was in the room again.” The singer was not Bono, but instead Ciaran Gribbin, who was later identified, and who later toured with INXS. Gribbin did have a tenuous U2 tie in. He worked as a songwriter, performer, and a producer on the soundtrack to the movie, “Killing Bono.”

Iggy Pop – American Caesar Album
Masatoshi Nagase – Vending Machine Album
Rufus Wainwright – Release the Stars Album

There’s a drummer out there who is named Larry Mullins. He’s worked extensively with Iggy Pop over the years, but often pops up on other projects as well. One printed Japanese discography for U2 has listed a few of his projects by accident over the years. The name is so close, and he’s also a drummer that the confusion is understandable. If you look around the net you will often find his work in a list of Larry Mullen’s work, and vice versa. All Music credits Mullins for backing vocals on “Zooropa”. Whoops.

The Simpsons – Go Simpsonic with the Simpsons Album
Song: “The Garbageman Can (Long Version)”

While U2 are heard during the episode that used this song, and are heard on DVD and other home video releases, this CD does not include the band. All of U2’s parts from the television show are replaced here with studio vocals. The actual song with U2 included is only available in video format, and has not been released in an audio format.