Larry Mullen's Kitchen, 60 Rosemount Avenue, Dublin, Ireland

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  • "Brown Sugar"
  • "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

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U2’s very first meeting was held in Larry Mullen’s kitchen on Rosemount Avenue in Dublin on a Saturday afternoon. The date was September 25, 1976, which is confirmed by Ivan McCormick’s diary, which says “Joined a pop group” for this day. Larry had posted a note to the school bulletin board at Mount Temple Comprehensive that stated “Drummer seeks musicians to form band” and held auditions for “The Larry Mullen Band” at his home in Artane.

In attendance at that very first meeting were Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, David “The Edge” Evans, Paul “Bono” Hewson, as well as Ivan McCormick and The Edge’s brother Dick. Also mentioned in some accounts is Peter Martin, who Ivan does not recall at that initial meeting, and if he was there Peter would only work with the band on this day, and is not mentioned after this point. Ivan would play with the band for a few rehearsals but was later told he wasn’t part of the band because he was too young and would hold the band back from playing bars. McCormick claims it was only later that he realized that the others were all too young to play the bars as well. Dick would stay with the band for a longer period.

Adam Clayton remembers getting on the bus and seeing the Evans’ brothers there, and joining them on the way to the meeting.

Rehearsals took place on Wednesday and Saturdays at Mount Temple school, and the band would gather and play in one of the classrooms at the school while it was closed. (Mount Temple closed classes on Wednesday afternoons and students had optional activities they could participate in.) If Mount Temple wasn’t available on the weekends, the band would find other locations to rehearse. As these rehearsals are not well documented we do not list them in the database.

According to Eamon Dunphy’s The Unforgettable Fire the group played some Rolling Stones covers at this first gathering, mentioning “Brown Sugar” and “Satisfaction.” (The book has numerous errors, including identifying Ivan’s brother Neil as the person attending this first meeting, so the accuracy of this information is not known.)

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