Raheny Church Hall, Dublin, Ireland

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Known Set List: (Not in Order)

  • "Don't Believe A Word"

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Show Details:

Not a lot is known about this show, not even the exact date. It is known that U2 were still known as The Hype, and performed at a church hall in the Dublin area. The church was All Saint’s Church in Raheny, which is near Howth. The church itself is where Bono married in 1982, but the performance took place in the church hall. The set list is unknown but the band do play Thin Lizzy’s “Don’t Believe A Word”.

As the band were still using the name Feedback when they played St. Fintan’s Hall on April 11, 1977, this show took place after that time. Different sites have listed different dates between April and June 1977 for a placeholder for this show. We will add a date if one can be confirmed, but for now we just list the date as 1977, but it did happen after April 11. (Some databases list this as an April 12, 1977 date, but this is only done to place it after April 11, and the date happened later in the year.) The show likely happened before the end of June, as Adam Clayton spent that summer working in London.

The Edge’s brother Dick remembers this gig, “We did a disco at a church hall and we played Thin Lizzy’s ‘Don’t Believe A Word’. It starts with the bass, then one guitar comes in, then the other, but no-one was in tune with anyone else so it sounded indescribable!”

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