Howth Community Centre, Howth, Dublin, Ireland

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The Howth Community Centre hosted concerts in the late 1970s, and these shows were booked by Walter Hegarty. Hegarty remembers booking U2 on two different occasions and that the Virgin Prunes supported U2 on their second appearance. Unfortunately he is unable to provide an exact date but did confirm that most of the concerts were on Friday nights as the Centre hosted a disco instead on Saturdays, and that U2 played just a few weeks before a second show was booked. He shared that the initial appearance was likely in February 1978. U2 would have played the venue under the name The Hype, they hadn’t yet taken the name U2.

Thanks to the diary of Patrick Brocklebank, who photographed many of the bands in in the late 70s we know that U2 played with the Virgin Prunes in early March 1978. That would have been U2’s second appearance at the Community Centre. U2 played another venue on the 10th of February, so it is unlikely they played in Howth as well. That means the likely dates for this appearance were February 3, 17, or the 24th.

Little to no information is known about this show. If anyone can provide more information we’d love to hear from you.

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