St. Bridget's Community Centre, Finglas, Dublin, Ireland

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U2 play a concert for charity in the Finglas area of Dublin. Reports say about 300 people show to watch the four bands play.

The show is mentioned in the editorial letters to Hot Press in a letter from “from the Suburbs”, which states, “On Sunday night 14/5/78 I visited one of the lesser known halls in Dublin – in fact it was so obscure one group was late because they could not find it and got lost on the maze of unnamed roads in FInglas West. I arrived at the hall expecting to be bored by the usual low standard type concerts staged in the suburbs. I was however pleasantly surprised, for the performances were not just fair but touching on exceptional. The acoustics in Finglas West were extremely good for the size of the hall and the show was run very professionally indeed. Groups included The Bach Street Kids, The School Kids and that “up and coming New Wave group” U2. An unlikely combination one might thing – however Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues and New Wave blended splendidly….U2 were rousing, with lead singer Hewson enticing the audience to defy the bouncers and fly from pogos into that old imaginary guitar plucking routine. Everyone present at the concert, I’m sure, agree that U2 combine the early aggressiveness of The Radiators with a unique visual.”

Very little is known about the show, with even the set list being unknown. Justin McCarthy who played with The Bach Street Kids that night remembers that U2 had played a Boomtown Rats cover, but it is not known what song was performed.

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