Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland

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Over two weeks in September 1978, the Project Arts Centre in Dublin held a two week long series of concerts and art exhibits, called the New Wave Festival. The festival kicked off with Patti Smith reading poetry from her book Babel and features a number of musical acts, and a series of films, as well as a showing of “Punk Rock Art”. This was the second annual New Wave Festival held at the Project Arts venue.

U2 headline the final night of the festival and the Virgin Prunes open for them. In one newspaper advertisement for the festival the band are labeled “Y.2” in the ad instead of their proper name. U2’s show started at 11:45pm and was 1 Irish pound for admission.

  • 1978-09-03: Patti Smith
  • 1978-09-04: Tradition
  • 1978-09-05: Punk in London Film
  • 1978-09-06: Punk in London Film
  • 1978-09-07: Punk in London Film
  • 1978-09-08: Revolver
  • 1978-09-09: Punk in London Film
  • 1978-09-10: Punk in London Film
  • 1978-09-11: The Vipers
  • 1978-09-12: Live Stiffs Film
  • 1978-09-13: Live Stiffs Film
  • 1978-09-14: Sacre Blue
  • 1978-09-15: Live Stiffs Film
  • 1978-09-16: Jubillee Film
  • 1978-09-17: Jubillee Film
  • 1978-09-18: U2

Berlin had been scheduled for the 15th at the start of the Festival but it is unknown if they played. They were not advertised the day of the planned show as other bands were, and the ad that day listed a film instead.

Not much is known about U2’s performance that night, although it is reported that Bono may have joined the Virgin Prunes on stage for a couple of songs as well as his own performance. He certainly was on stage with them, and can be seen holding a microphone in photos from the evening.

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