Howth Community Centre, Howth, Dublin, Ireland

Set List of Show:

Known Songs (Incomplete):

  • "Revolution"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by Larry Mullen:


Larry Mullen sits in on drums for the Modulators in their first gig supporting Rocky De Valera and the Gravediggers.

Show Details:

The Modulators was a band made up of Ivan and Neil McCormick, John McGlue, and Paul Byrne on drums. The band got a big break supporting Rocky De Valera and the Gravediggers, but Byrne was unavailable. The band asked Larry Mullen to sit in for him, and Larry agreed, playing this show. Ivan McCormick was one of the kids who was at the first meeting of U2, held in Larry’s kitchen back in 1976. The exact date is not known.

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