McGonagle's, Dublin, Ireland

Set List of Show:

Larry Mullen Solo:

  • "Pretty Vacant"
  • "Route 66"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by U2:


U2 play at the Hot Press Christmas Party held at McGonagles along with a number of other bands.

Show Details:

The Hot Press Christmas Party draws in a crowd of musicians and fans for a series of performances. The guests include Thin Lizzy, Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, Bob Geldof and Gerry Cott of the Boomtown Rats, members of The Vipers, Skid Row, and Revolver and many others.

Fit Kilkenny and the Remoulds are hired to headline the show with U2 as an opening act. Before the show takes place Larry Mullen joins Paul Boyle from The Vipers, Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, and Dave Sweeney on stage. They played a couple of songs while they waited for the main act to start including “Pretty Vacant” and “Route 66”.

In Hot Press Bill Graham mentions this show, “It’s no secret at headquarters that I have a special spot for U2. Indeed I’ve no hesitation in rating them the best unrecorded band in Ireland and one whose potential is still barely tapped. Unfortunately, circumstances weren’t the best for this review. Production of our yearbook meant that their two recent McGonagles gigs, the first for the Hot Press / McGonagles party itself, the second on the third day of this New Year passed without praise in print. They were simply the most exhilarating performances by a local band I’ve witnessed in the last twelve months.”

It is not known what songs U2 played in their own set that night. Photos show Bono singing with an unknown guest on stage.

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