Stardust Club, Artane, Ireland

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  • "Out of Control"

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U2 opened two shows for The Greedies on December 20 and 21, 1978. These are big shows for U2, playing to 1,600 people. The Greedies, earlier known as The Greedy Bastards, are a supergroup made up of Thin Lizzy, the Boomtown Rats and the Sex Pistols. On these particular nights the Rats are unavailable and the band is made up of Thin Lizzy plus two members of the Sex Pistols, Paul Cooke and Steve Jones jamming with Thin Lizzy. Elton John had also been rumoured to be showing up for these shows, but if ever planned, it didn’t happen. Although the band had worked under hte name The Greedy Bastards for earlier appearances, these gigs are billed as The Greedies, as is a Christmas single recorded by the same line up.

U2 are given the support slot for the show after Bono meets with Phil Lynott and offers the band to play for no fee.

Neil McCormick spoke about U2’s opening slot at these shows on the first night, “The biggest debacle, however, was U2’s support slot for Greedy Bastards December gig at the enormous Stardust Ballroom. The Greedy Bastards were a part time outfit featuring members of Thin Lizzy and the Sex Pistols and this was the hottest ticket in town. Everybody who mattered in the Irish music business and every hip punter in Dublin was there, but the Greedies disorganisation resulted in U2 going on without a sound check. They tried to cope by walking on one at a time to twang and bang away for the sound man’s benefit on an extended opening to ‘Out of Control’, but the audience were cat-calling even before Bono started singing. Ivan and I watched incredulously, failing to comprehend how a group we knew to be dynamic and inspiring could be made to sound like rank amateurs. Maybe there was hope for all of us!”

Tony Clayton-Lea looking back on his concert history with U2 for The Irish Times shares, “U2 support The Greedy Bastards, a Thin Lizzy/Sex Pistols “supergroup”. I recall this gig as being the first ever uber-hip one I had been to – it was (although I was then unfamiliar with the phrase) a “hot ticket” show. U2 are abysmal, but the Greedy Bastards’ version of Pretty Vacant is the Best. Xmas. Present. Ever.”

The doors opened at 7pm and tickets were £3.00 and available at Advance Records, Supersonic Sounds and Murray’s Records. U2 would next open for Thin Lizzy the first time they play the Slane Festival, on August 16, 1981.

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