McGonagles, Dublin, Ireland

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Not much is known about this show, but U2 Live lists an early 1978 show at McGonagles under the name The Hype. They were said to be supporting Revolver that night, and U2 is said to have played covers of The Stranglers and The Sex Pistols.

The date, if it happened, was likely part of a handful of shows that saw U2 open for Revolver. If they were using the name The Hype, it would have been before mid-March when they changed their name. The Hype opened for Revolver on three known dates, March 8 and 15 at the Celebrity Club, and March 17 at Project Arts Centre. They would also support Revolver under the name U2 on March 22 when both bands returned to the Celebrity Club. This would be the end of their run of shows in March 1978, but they would support Revolver again in July when both bands did play at McGonagles. It is possible that this entry in U2 Live comes from someone mixing memories of seeing the bands together at one of these earlier venues, with the memories of seeing them later together at McGonagles. But it’s also possible that this is an early undocumented show of the band.

Terry O’Neill, the promoter who ran McGonagles in 2016 in Hot Press magazine recalls that the first date U2 performed at McGonagles was April 27, 1978. That show is documented, and saw U2 opening for The Vipers.

Reviewing ads for McGonagles early 1978 saw the club featuring the band Full Circle on most Friday nights. On the Saturday nights they would run a Top of the Pops DJ night. In mid-February they started running bands on the Saturday night instead. It is possible that Revolver would have played a mid-day show, or a Thursday night, but there is no record that we have been able to find to confirm this at this time.

1978-01-06: No listings
1978-01-07: Top of the Pops DJ Night
1978-01-13: Full Circle
1978-01-14: Top of the Pops DJ Night
1978-01-20: Full Circle
1978-01-21: Top of the Pops DJ Night
1978-01-27: No Listing
1978-01-28: Top of the Pops DJ Night
1978-02-03: Full Circle
1978-02-04: Rob Strong and the Rockets
1978-02-10: Full Circle
1978-02-11: The Jimmy Slevin Band
1978-02-17: Full Circle
1978-02-18: The Boulder Band
1978-02-24: Full Circle
1978-02-25: Love Bug

Revolver were interviewed on March 24, 1978, and mentioned they had only played 16 shows in total. We’ve been able to identify ten of those shows, four of which had been played with U2. We’ll continue to look for information about this show, and will leave it for now in our listings. But we are leaning towards the references being to one of Revolver’s gigs at the Celebrity Club instead which are not listed in U2 Live.

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