Liberty Hall Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

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This concert at Liberty Hall Theatre is headlined by Revolver and is held to raise money and awareness about Ireland’s anti-contraception laws. The concert is an afternoon concert, starting at 1pm on Saturday afternoon. While the bands perform, banners behind them ask for “Free, legal and safe contraception.” U2 take the stage at 3pm and their set is interrupted mid-set by speeches while representatives from the Contraception Action Campaign speak. U2’s set list is not known. Liberty Hall is a theatre with a capacity of approximately 400 people across two levels. The concert is said to be well attended but it is not known if all seats are full.

The Letters are listed to open the show in In Dublin, followed by U2 and then the headliners, Revolver. Rocky DeValera & The Gravediggers are listed closer to the date of the show in Hot Press in the opening slot instead of The Letters. U2 are listed at U-2 in the In Dublin ad for the show.

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