Arcadia Ballroom, U.C.C. Downtown Kampus, Cork, Ireland

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U2 head to Cork for a show at the Arcadia Ballroom. They are the opening act for a band from England known as The Only Ones. Elvera Butler, who acted as the entertainment officer at the University College of Cork at the time confirms that this was the second show that both bands had played at the Arcadia (U2’s first time had been in support of XTC in 1978). “U2” are billed as U-2 in ads that ran in the media advertising the show.

U2 had taken an ad out in Dublin papers advertising a show on the 24th at Trinity College, at the 25th at UCC Downtown Kampus and on the 26th at the UCC again (This show.) It appears the band did not play the show on the 26th.

The shows at the Downtown Kampus are organized by the student union at the University College Cork. The venue for these shows was the Arcadia Ballroom. The concerts were organized by Elvera Butler, who would eventually found Reekus Records in Ireland. The venue became a popular place for U2 to play outside of Dublin. They would meet their longtime sound man Joe O’Herlihy at the Arcadia, where he was doing sound for the house.

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