Bridge House, London, England

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  • "Boy / Girl"

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U2 headline their third show of the tour, at Bridge House. The opening act is Idiot Dancers and admission for the show is 50p. Melody Maker lists U2 as UR for this show, and some posters at the venue listed the band as UT. NME gets it right in their gig guide, listing U2 as U2. Most of the shows this tour have had some variation on the name. The ad for the show lists the band as “U2s”.

The show is a small one. The owner of the pub, Terry Murphy confirmed that just 18 paying customers had taken in this show, along with a few non-paying regulars of the club. He commented on the band, “A nice band, worked really hard. No chance of making it, not different enough. I might be wrong though, have to wait and see. Yes, I would give them another gig.”

Garry Bushell of Sounds was at the show and gave a very positive review: “U2 themselves are a quality delicacy with few peers, their rich tapestry of sparkling pop, a swirling kaleidoscope of of tempos and ethereal melodies laced with neat searing guitar and Bono’s sweet vocals. The wee man nipped in and out of his fellows like the proverbial Ronnie Biggs, gesticulating all over stage, smiling, winking…a latter day Walt Disney wizard. U2 are a pop force for the future stamped with an indefinable Irish quality, an aching beauty and a wistful innocence. Such cheerfulness is catching. Such inventiveness will be rewarded.” Bushell in his review only mentions one song, “Boy / Girl.” (“a naïve but totally infectious love song”)

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