Dingwalls, Camden, England

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Before the show at Dingwalls, U2 meet with photographer Paul Slattery at their apartment in London. He attends the gig and takes photos throughout the show as well. Slattery had previously met with the band in Dublin in the summer of 1979 when he accompanied Dave McCullough for a piece that was published in Sounds magazine. On that trip Slattery had spoken with Paul McGuinness and the band about what venues should be played on the December tour of London, and now that they were here, he was once again meeting with them.

The headlining act for this show is listed as Local Operator in an ad in Times Out London, which can be seen above. This ad lists U2 as U.2. The gig guide in Sounds lists the band as U2 and list the headlining act as Straight Eight. Straight Eight is also mentioned in the gig guide over in Time Out. As the gig guides were likely prepared closer to the show, we’ve listed Straight Eight as the main act for this show. It is not known why Local Operator did not perform at this show. Either way U2 was the opening act at Dingwalls.

Not much is known about this performance. Slattery said of the performance in Uncut, “The gig at Dingwalls was great and that was fairly busy.” In Time Out U2 get a mini review in the gig guide ahead of this show, “U-2 (Dingwalls support) are a youthful four-piece over from Dublin in their first attempt to build a following here, which they could do on the strength of a lively stage presence; the music, however, is familiar post-punk.”

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