Classes, Bray, Ireland

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When the “Come Out to Play” tour was announced the venue in Bray was called the Dug Inn. But later advertising for this particular show corrects the name to “Classes, Seafront, Bray” and mentions that it’s Formerly the Dug Inn. This Tuesday night show is mostly unknown other than being named in a couple of ads.

While we could guess that the band likely played the five songs they had released to date, including “Out of Control”, “Stories for Boys”, “Boy / Girl”, “Another Day” and “Twilight” we have no confirmation that these songs were indeed performed.

Tour ads listed that opening act duties would alternate between The Kidz and The Shade, and it is unknown which, if either, would have opened this show.

Of the show, Bono and Adam Clayton shared with the Sunday Press, “The opening night in Sligo was tremendous, but we were disappointed with last night’s gig in Bray”.

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