Crescent Hall, Limerick, Ireland

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This show in Limerick takes place at the Crescent Hall. It’s a Thursday night show with a £2.00 admission. Support for the show was by the Shade. The band play this show, and in The Irish Press following the show The Edge makes some comments about how the show went, “Overall the tour has been going very well, though in some place the reaction has been strained. In Limerick, we played a hall with a capacity of 1,500, but only 400 turned up and they were all boot-boys just out for a fight.”

Kieran Murray, a Limerick based promotor told the story of the planned follow-up show in The Irish Time, “When we tried to book them again, the Jesuits, who owned the Crescent, were anxious about a rock band playing, so we had to cancel the second gig.” (The second show he refers to is the one that was planned for the NIHE in May, and it is confirmed by Ber Angley, Entertainment Manager for the NIHE, that the show in May did not go ahead.)

Although we could guess that the band did play their singles on this night, including “Out of Control”, “Stories for Boys”, “Boy / Girl”, “Another Day” and “Twilight” we are unable to confirm any set list information for this show.

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