Trinity Hall, Bristol, England

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U2 perform at Trinity Hall in Bristol. Fashion, who are booked to do the show, are unable to make it to Bristol, and two local acts sub in opening the show, The Stingrays and The Electric Guitars. There is a bus strike in town which may have impacted the show, as there were few options to get to the venue.

Chris from the Stingrays told Edson Burton, “They’d been on the front cover of NME that week. They’d been spotted as the next big thing and they assumed there was gonna be a big crowd. And we were there as support and they were trying to get the show going and we didn’t want to go on in front of ten people. I tried to delay matters, in fact although it got a bit better there wasn’t that many people there that night, personally, I wasn’t that impressed. My feeling was not many people in the crowd were either.”

Show was about 75 people according to the promoter, Mark Simpson. Tickets were £1.50 in advance and £1.80 at the door.

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