Cavendish House, Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester, England

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  • "11 O'Clock Tick Tock"
  • "I Will Follow"

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U2 move on to the Polytechnic in Manchester where they open for Pink Military. The concert happens at the Cavendish House. Wah! Heat are also on the bill. U2 is listed third on posters and ads for the show. This is U2’s first known performance in Manchester.

Although a fan review by Brian Markie via U2Gigs.Com lists “I Will Follow” as having been played, Bill Graham reports that this song debuted later in life at the shows in July. It is certainly possible that it was debuted earlier however, so we are including it here. He also mentions the title track opened the show, i.e. “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” which was the title of the tour they were on. U2 playing “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” is also confirmed by others who attended the show.

Mat Snow, author of U2 Revolution first saw U2 play at this show. He shares, “This author first saw U2 that May of 1980, third on the bill to Wah Heat! and Pink Military at Manchester Polytechnic. Excitingly futuristic in feel, the Edge’s guitar playing was unlike anyone else’s at the time. And unlike every other post-punk front man, Bono would climb the speakers and lighting rig – anything to engage emotionally with their audience; he was as much a charismatic preacher as a singer. The crowd loved them, and as the months went by U2 climbed from the bottom of such bills to the top.”

Bono referred to this show in 2018 when visiting Manchester on the Experience + Innocence tour, sharing that they had come to the city as a bunch of innocents, and that they are now returning as men.

Hoping to catch some interest from those who see them opening, U2 return to Manchester for a second gig a few nights later at The Beach Club.

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