The Fan Club, Brannigans, Leeds, England

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The Fan Club was a series of gigs held in Leeds at a variety of venues between 1977 and 1982. You paid a membership to the Fan Club, which would allow you cheaper entrance to shows. To join the Fan Club you had to pay £1.00. Tickets for Fan Club events were only available at the night of the show, or at earlier Fan Club events.

One of the venues that The Fan Club used was Brannigans in Leeds. U2 performed there for this show. For this show U2 was supported by Fashiøn and ads for the show listed the newest singles for each band. (“11 O’Clock Tick Tock” and “Silver Blades”) Members of The Fan Club paid £1.00 for the show, and non-members paid £1.25.

Not much is known about the show. Bono did bum a cigarette from the audience and made an attempt to light it, which was part of his stage routine at the time.

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