Wheatfield, Clondalkin, Ireland

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In 1980 a proposed prison was due to be built in Clondalkin on the outskirts of Dublin. The initial plan was for this to be a woman’s and juvenile prison. Residents of the area, opposing the plan organized a “Stop the Prisons Festival” also called the “Free Family Festival” in media. Instead of a prison they were hoping for a school or a community centre. The festival was free to attend, and started at 2pm in the afternoon.

The festival included performances by musical groups, dancing displays, games for children and a sports competition. Among the performers were Oisin, Midnight Blue, Boards, Ellis Moore, O’Glolla Easpaig, and Liam Weldon. U2 are called U.D. in a write up following the show.

U2 are about to head to London to do a set of shows which will be organized by Island Records to spotlight their new band. The Clondalkin show acts as a warm up for those shows.

The festival did not sway the plans, and the construction of Wheatfield Prison started in 1980, and was opened in 1989. The show in 1980 was held on the site where the prison was to be built.

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