Half-Moon Club, Herne Hill, London, England

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On the back of positive buzz for the band brought on by U2’s tour dates in London in June, Island Records arranges a further three shows in the London area, to spotlight their new signing. The shows were heavy on music press who were invited to see the young band to build up buzz for the album to be released in the Fall. The tour was advertised as the “Three Days…” tour in press. U2 picked up an additional show at the Marquee, supporting the Photos outside of the three headlining gigs.

The second of the three main shows is at the Half-Moon, located in Herne Hill. It’s a big night for U2, they’ve sold out their first show outside of Ireland.

Bill Graham of Hot Press is at the show again and compares it to the night before which was a struggle for the band in a half filled venue, “The first two dates are a complete contrast. At the Half Moon Club in Herne Hill, south of the Thames, a warm and comfortable pub where the dressing room is the manager’s living room, U2 gain a full house and Paul McGuinness smilingly ambles across to inform me that this is a landmark night, the first time U2 have sold out in an English venue. It shows in the music also. U2 play a much more contented, less abrasive set, their ardour somewhat cushioned in this cosy pub. I like the set, I smile more than the previous night but it’s not an environment to bring out the performing extremes in Kid Galahad and his companions even though for the encore Bono leaps off the stage to serenade the audience from the raised enclosure where the mixing desk and us flunkies are located. It’s a good gig, well done boys and all that, an opportunely timed confidence builder.”

During the show Bono leaps into the crowd, and makes his way to the elevated mix desk and sings to Graham and others he knows from home who are in the raised area. After the show the band attempt to go to Belgravia Carnival with Graham, only to learn that the carnival had ended the previous night.

In his review of the London trip, Graham mentions that the band are debuting “An Cat Dubh”, “Into the Heart”, “Saturday Night” and “I Will Follow” during the shows in London, but he does not specify which shows these are performed. Three of the four are known to have debuted the night before, and it is possible these are played at each show on the short tour.

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