Theatre Hall, Gorey, Wexford, Ireland

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U2 perform at The Gorey Arts Festival, appearing on the last night of the two week festival. The Festival is in it’s 11th year. They perform at the Theatre Hall, and are billed “Ireland’s Newest Rock Sensation, with an admission fee of £2.50 for the show.

Artist Paul Funge, a resident of Gorey, and organizer of the Gorey Arts Festival was behind U2’s appearance at the festival. Funge had been a founder / director of the Project Arts Centre in Dublin, and it was through ties at the Project Arts Centre that he came into contact with the band.

U2 traveled by van to Gorey on the day of the performance. Photographer Ger Leacy tells The Gorey Guardian “We were supposed to be having a meeting next door to the Theatre Hall, but it was too noisy, so we had to call it off. We went in to see the band instead, and it turned out to be a great show. I still remember Bono climbing up on speakers and jumping around the place. I suppose some people probably thought he was bad, but he’s after doing well enough for himself in the meantime!”

Other musicians playing at the festival include classical recitals by John O’Conor and Veronica Dunne; jazz from Lief Reck and Louis Stewart; traditional music from Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy, and Freddie White providing some rock and roll. The festival also included dramatic theatre presentations, photo exhibitions, and courses in a variety of instruments. The full schedule for the 11th Festival was:

  • August 1: Poetry and Music with Niall Toibin
  • August 2: Lief Reck
  • August 3: Eamonn Kelly
  • August 4: Puppet Circus / Fabulous Festival Disco
  • August 5: Peter Sweeny / Horslips
  • August 6: MacMurrough, Marc Perez and Friends
  • August 7: Treasa O’Driscoll and Michael O’Domhnall
  • August 8: Sunflower by Team / John O’Conor and Veronica Dunne
  • August 9: Louis Stewart
  • August 10: Anne Bushnell and launching The Aristocrats
  • August 11: Makem & Clancy
  • August 12: “Runts on the Stoad”
  • August 13: A Tribute to O’Casey (Marc Perez, Eamon Carter, Gerry & Veronica Lombard, Pat and Jo Funge)
  • August 14: Freddie White
  • August 15: U-2

Although we can guess that U2 would have played their singles to date, “Out of Control”, “A Day Without Me”, “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” and the newly released “Another Day” as well as the b-sides, we are unable to say for sure what the set list was for this performance.

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