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Although U2 were booked for a show in Totnes on September 18, the promoter contacted the venue, cancelling the show, claiming one of the members of U2 had appendicitis.

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This show, and a show planned for Penzance the night before were both cancelled. Instead the band played a single show in Birmingham on the 17th instead.

U2 were originally booked to play a show in Totnes on September 18, at the Civic Hall. Opening acts were set for the show, and both were local bands from Totnes, The Well Endowed, and 96 Tears. The show was due to take place on a Thursday night, but on Monday the venue, Civic Hall received a telegram letting them know that the show was cancelled.

The telegram was from the promoter of the show, Centre Ocean Promotions and stated that the show had to be cancelled due to one of the members of the band coming down with appendicitis. It also promised that the band would make up the date later in the tour, suggesting an October date. However, the telegram had been sent on Monday, and U2 did play shows on that night (in London) and on the Tuesday (in Plymouth) so whatever the worry was it did not stop U2 from playing those two shows. But the cancelation of the show in Totnes did happen, and was covered in the local press, and we do believe the show in Penzance was cancelled as well.

The make up show in October was scheduled, but it too would be cancelled, as the City Council chose to ban future rock shows at the Civic Hall before that show happened.

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