University, Southhampton, England

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U2 play a show at the University of Southampton on the first leg of the Boy tour. This is the university that Paul McGuinness had attended. Little is known about the show, but a reporter for Musician magazine later revealed he had seen a U2 show there. “My first look at U2 came in the fall of 1980, just after Boy‘s release. Island Records’ publicist Neil Storey shanghaied me from the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport directly down to Southampton College, where we walked in on U2 a few minutes before a gig. Their stage show was much too large in scope for that low-ceilinged, underpopulated function room at Southampton College. The Edge’s clarion calls on the treble strings. Larry’s martial ferocity and Bono’s upthrust arm showed an expansive, hot-blooded streak that had been developed naturally in what Bono called a “garage band.”

A set list for the show is not known.

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