Kidderminster Town Hall, Kidderminster, England

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U2 play a show at Town Hall in Kidderminster, on the first leg of the Boy tour. The show was booked by John Combe, a promoter who worked in Kiddeminster, and who said, “I used to read the NME every week when it was a paper, not a magazine, and I kept up with all the new bands, I booked U2 and I actually lost money on them that night.” John also said he could see the potential in the band, “Bono was very friendly – I thanked him for coming to Kidderminster and he said he had enjoyed himself.”

Short on money, Combe arranged for some students to pick U2 up at the station. The show was known for a bit of an odour, which the band picked up. “You could smell the sugar beet.” Combe said, and U2’s manager asked “what on earth is that?” and Combe explained “oh its a big sugar factory in Kidderminster” and the odour could be sensed throughout the town, including at the venue when U2 were playing.

The show at Kidderminster Town Hall ran from 8 – 11:30, had a licensed bar, and cost £1.75 at the door. The attendance is estimated at 250 for this show. An opening act was present but we are not aware of who it was. A DJ by the name of Aquarius also performed.

The set list of this show is not known.

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