Marquee Club, London, England

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Having spent the last two weeks touring around the UK, U2 return to London on this night for the first of two shows at the Marquee. The admission for the show is £2.00 and an unknown support band, as well as the house DJ, Jerry Floyd, open the show.

Little is known of the details of this particular show, however, James Henke, an American reporter who has seen the band in Coventry, attends the first show at the Marquee club. He later tells U2.Com, “Two days later, I saw the band at London’s legendary Marquee club, and they were even more impressive. By the time I returned to Los Angeles, I was converted – I thought U2 was one of the best bands I had seen in a long time.” Henke returns to the USA, and writes an article that appears in Rolling Stone in February titled, “U2: Here Comes the Next Big Thing.”

A review also appears in NME but it does not specify for which of the two shows it is for. We’ve chosen to include some of that review in the article for the second night at the Marquee.

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