Marquee Club, London, England

Set List of Show:

Known Main Set:

  • "Stories for Boys"
  • "Another Time, Another Place"
  • "I Will Follow"
  • "Twilight"
  • "Out of Control"
Known Encore:

  • "11 O'Clock Tick Tock"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by U2:

Show Details:

U2 play the second of two shows at the legendary Marquee Club at 90 Wardour St., London, England. Admission is £2.00 for the show, and U2 have an opening act, and the Marquee resident DJ Jerry Floyd also plays the club.

A review of one of the shows at the Marquee appears in NME shortly after the gigs happen, written by Gavin Martin, but does not identify for what date the review is given. Others have attributed the review to the second night so we will use it here as well. The review does identify some of the songs that are played, but this is a partial set list at best, and the full performance is unknown, and what is known could be for the previous night. Martin’s review mentions “Time for U2 — optimistic, soulful, and clearsighted. This evening it’s an imperfect U2 production. The edge is blunt (pun intended) and the vocals are badly mixed. But…with the callow eyes of pre-pubescent youth gazing from the backdrop, a sweet resonant haze of sound sweeps over the crowd, glided with golden chimes of guitar and coated with tonal creaminess. “Stories for Boys” is a song with a rare sense of space and textural control and it evokes a tumble of mysteries, dreams, and imaginations.”

Martin is obviously a fan of Bono’s: “Only a blind man and the dead could ignore the passion and charisma generated by singer Bono. The very essence which underpins the performance is an electric vibrancy between the stage and the dance floor. It’s something loads of groups try for, but only a few can achieve. Bono carries it to the edge of the stage, crouches and curls upwards, writhing like a tiger and uncoiling like a snake through a forest of outstretched arms and pawing hands. It’s unique spectacle and a unique feeling; the only comparison I can think of is with some old Iggy Pop footage once shown on OGWT. Bono drives himself, the band, and the audience so fast that sometimes the zeal and the fervor predominates and the music loses its delicacy. You feel the internal combustion will burn the group out prematurely. Bono senses this air of “too much, too soon” and so tries to deflate the overblown U2 myth.” His review of the remainder of the band isn’t as poetic, “As musical craftsmen drummer Larry, guitarist The Edge, and bassist Adam use a cudgel where they should use a chisel. The sentiment of “Another Time, Another Place” is one victim of the sloppiness. They should either obviate or justify their relish for rock ‘n’ roll’s sticky frills and cliches.”

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