Théâtre Mogador, Paris, France

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U2 were initially booked to open for three shows in Paris for the Talking Heads, taking place at the Pavillon Baltard. The dates for these shows were December 3, 4, and 6th, 1980. Something happened, and these plans were changed. Even though tickets were printed, U2 would not play on December 6, and were in the US starting a North American tour instead. And the show on December 3, no longer took place at Pavillon Baltard as advertised on posters for the shows.

The show on December 3, still happened but at the venue known as Théâtre Mogador. The 1600-seat venue is a theatre in Paris. Confirmation of the show happens from two sources. Pod, one of U2’s crew at the time, had a backstage pass which is marked with the Théâtre Mogador name and the date of December 3. And photographer Jean-Pierre Leloir took a photo of Adam Clayton and Bono in concert at Théâtre Mogador in 1980. The band did not play that theatre at any other date.

Although we know the show took place, and not at Pavillon Baltard as previously thought, no details about the show are available. Nor is it known why the bands were moved to a different venue. The show on December 4, 1980 took place at Pavillon Baltard as planned, with U2 as the opener.

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