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U2’s third show in North America saw them opening for Talas in Buffalo, New York. Talas had a regular Monday show at a club called Stage One in Buffalo, owned by Harvey Weinstein (later of Mirimax Films), and would regularly have up and coming acts join them as openers. The show in Buffalo is sparsely attended and U2 is announced by the MC that night as V2 instead of as U2.

Bruce Moser of Could Be Wild Promotions, who was involved in promotion of the U2 tour in North America remembers the show to Buffalo News, “There were about 20 people there, at least 10 of those people worked at Home of the Hits.” Home of the Hits was the local record shop. One of those employees of Home of the Hits was Mary Martin, future wife of Moser. Mary had brought in copies of U2’s Boy album as an import, and upon hearing it offered customers a money back guarantee if they didn’t like the album. Moser was one of those buyers, and was so impressed he reached out to Island records to promote the band when they toured in the US. After U2’s performance at Stage One, Mary joined them backstage and was playing the video game Pong with Bono. Moser shared, “After the show the only video game at the time was pong, so my wife was playing pong with Bono, and some drunk guy pushed his way between them, and said hey man – did you hear John Lennon just got shot? And Bono turned around and goes ‘That’s a sick joke!’ and then they found out later that night it happened. So U2 has a lot of memories of Buffalo, but being in Buffalo the night John Lennon got shot – they definitely remember. Bono always talks about that on stage when he plays Buffalo.”

U2 would find out after this show that John Lennon had been shot.

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