Mudd Club, New York, NY, USA

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U2 returned to New York after their show in Toronto, to play the Mudd Club. The nightclub was located in the TriBeCa area of New York at 77 White Street. The doorman at the Mudd Club, Richard Boch, recalls that U2 played the venue to a small crowd of about 20 people at that show. Bono in some interviews has identified the Mudd Club as the first venue they played in North America, but it was indeed the Ritz, and the Mudd Club came later.

David Hajdu, discussing the Spider-Man musical in 2010, recalled the night at the Mudd Club in The New Republic saying, “The first time I saw U2 in concert happens to be exactly 30 years ago, and I remember the time period (though not the precise date), because the show was held within a few days of John Lennon’s murder. It took place at the Mudd Club in Manhattan, where my girlfriend at the time was a club kid of high standing. What I remember would probably not match an archival recording of the show, if one exists. My memory is one of grand electronic effects overwhelming songs that struck me as vaguely mushy or mushily vague.”

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