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After a large show in Los Angeles, the band move on to Anaheim to play a show in at the Woodstock Concert Theatre with RadiOmusic and Second Wind. The doors open at 8pm, and admission is $3.00 for the show. This was an all ages show.

Although U2 Live and several other reports say only 12 people were in attendance for this show, many who were there over the years have spoken up to say that this isn’t the case. But the show was not well attended. In all likelihood there were likely 100 or less who showed up for this performance, but many attending would have been the other bands, their guests and others comped by the club, so it is possible the lower figure is paid audience. Reports say that RadiOmusic brought a large number of people to the show and many of them had left before U2 took the stage.

C.P. Smith of the Orange County Register” wrote “It’s also an almost indescribable mixture of various facets of rock and pop. And maybe it’s better that the group’s songs can’t be fully explained, because as with anything truly original, the summarizing process is ultimately a disservice in that it limits and defines creative ventures that are better unfettered. Suffice to say that U2’s songs are attractively melodic, yet maintain the hard edge of rock that makes the group a strong live show.”

<em>The Register interviewed Larry Mullen in the day before the show. In the final published article they also give a small review of the show from that night, “The band’s show at the Woodstock club in Anaheim last Saturday was proof that the foursome can deliver that same music live. While lead singer Bono’s vocals and The Edge’s (that’s what they call him; why they call him that we’ll get to shortly) aggressive lead guitar licks are the focal point of the group’s sound, one really becomes aware of the strength provided by U2’s rhythm section. Bass player Adam Clayton and particularly drummer Larry Mullin [SIC] act as a virtual battering ram, driving song after song higher and higher.”

Little is known about what was played that evening. The band would head to Disneyland in Anaheim the next day.

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