Bijou, Dallas, TX, USA

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U2’s first trip to Dallas turns out to be an interesting one. They play The Bijou, and the bar in the Medallion shopping center, has booked an interesting second act, a wet T-shirt contest, which follows U2’s performance.

Ticket prices were set at a super low $1.02, a tie in with radio station Q102. No one from Q102 showed up the night of the show though, and it was George Gimarc from KZEW who introduced U2 that night. Gimarc would later drive the band back to their hotel (a Ramada) and hung out with them after the show, where Bono put a tape of demos on to play.

Despite the super low ticket prices the show doesn’t draw a crowd and only about 30 people are in attendance.

Bono recalled the show in 2017 when he returned to Dallas. He first mentioned the Club Foot, a club in Austin, and then later got the name Bijou right, claiming that “Adam doesn’t remember the eighties.”

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