The Palms, Milwaukee, WI, USA

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  • "I Will Follow"

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U2 continue their tour of the USA, with a stop in Milwaukee, WI at a venue called The Palms. The club was located on 2612 W. State Street. The show was opened by Milwaukee local band, The Tense Experts.

Little is known of the show, but the show was reviewed in the Milwaukee Journal by Divina Infusino. “The sound off The Palms nightclub stage Wednesday night collected the frayed edges of many types of music. The faded reflection of psychedelia, the emotionally outspoken attitude of punk, the melody and virtues of pop. None paused long enough to completely color U2’s performance before a crowd of 500. Instead, the four-year-old quartet from Dublin entangled the loose musical threads into a liquid fabric of sound: one designed more from emotion than patterned musical styles.” Infusino’s review notes that “I Will Follow” is played and that “Bono’s onstage pranks brought lightheartedness into the performance.”

The opening act, The Tense Experts were asked about the show, Bobby Steele remembers, “It was their first tour of the U.S. They were so nice. I remember them being so close to each other, like a pack. A lot of the big acts that we opened for at The Palms, would make the opening band vacate the dressing room, before they would even come in. U2 didn’t care. We all listened to much of the same music. They invited us to stay with them in Ireland. They only had (what seemed like) about 9 or 10 songs and actually repeated ‘I Will Follow’.” Tommy Ciacco, also of The Tense Experts said, “I do remember that they were so young, about our ages. We exchanged numbers, with all the pleasantries, ‘great show!’, etc. Oh, and Steve Lillywhite (who produced “Boy”) was doing their live sound.”

Tickets for the show were sold through Ticketron and at the venue. The show was general admission and a ticket cost $4.50. The show was produced by Stardate Productions.

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