Agora, Columbus, OH, USA

Set List of Show:

Know Main Set:

  • "I Will Follow"
Known Encore:

  • "I Will Follow"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by U2:

Show Details:

Not much information is known about this U2 show. From a media attendee, the band did a soundcheck, and also played around with a soccer ball in the venue before the show. About 1200 people were in the audience, and the band played “I Will Follow” twice that night. This would have been a large show but was not sold out. In U2’s 2001 show in Columbus on the Elevation tour, he remembered the venue, “The last time we saw you we were looking at you out of a mirror ball lemon spaceship. The first time we saw you was about 20 years ago this week in a club called the Agora which I think was about the size of a mirror-ball space ship lemon.”

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