Agora, Atlanta, GA, USA

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U2 play a show with Secret Affair at the Agora in Atlanta, Georgia. The show is priced at $3.96 for all tickets including advance sales. The band play the venue twice in their career, this is the first time, they will return in December of 1981 as well. The band is listed as “You Too” on some documentation of the show including working passes for the show. Unlike many of these early shows, Secret Affair isn’t a local act, but formed in London, UK, and had some chart success in the UK, but had been dropped by their label in early 1981. U2 had opened for Secret Affair in December 1979 in London for a show. Little is known about this show. U2 were due to play the next night at the Ram’s Head in Birmingham, Alabama, but the show was cancelled for unknown reasons.

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