Poet's Music Hall, Memphis, TN, USA

Set List of Show:

Known Set List:

  • "Happy Birthday"

Additional Music

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Show Details:

Although a recording of this show appears to exist, further investigation shows that it is a mislabeled cassette and the show is actually the April 9 show from Minneapolis.

Therefore, little is known about the show itself other than that U2 had played the show. Poet’s was a bar that could hold 250-300 people but the turn out for this U2 show is disappointing, and there were only 40-50 people in attendance according to one attendee at the show. No information on set list is known.

The show is the night before Bono’s 21st birthday, and since they aren’t playing a show on his birthday itself the band did ask the band to sing Happy Birthday to their lead singer, before cracking open and dousing him with a bottle of champagne.

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