Center Stage, East Providence, RI, USA

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Center Stage in East Providence, Rhode Island was a 700 seat club that had opened in late 1980. The club was divided into two rooms, a bar, and a concert hall with tables. U2 played there in May 1981, although little is known about the show itself in the venue. U2 would return to the venue and play again in November of 1981 as well. The show was promoted by Frank J. Russo.

The ad for the concert lists a start time of 9:00. It features the promotional image of U2 on the beach in Dublin being used on this tour, with U2 repeated a number of times over the ad, and a “you too??!” overlaying the image of the band.

During the day the band had hung out with writer Bill Flanagan who brings them to a BBQ at his friends house and he interviews the band while there. He also takes the band to an interview with Brown University’s campus radio station, and eventually brings them to the show at Center stage.

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