NBC Studios, New York, New York

Set List of Show:

Set List:

  • "I Will Follow"
  • "Twilight"

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U2 appear on the television show The Tomorrow Show broadcast on June 4, 1981.

Show Details:

U2’s first known appearance on US network television was on a program on NBC called Tomorrow Coast to Coast. The show had started life as The Tomorrow Show or sometimes just Tomorrow, but in January 1981 started using the Coast to Coast name and was using it at the time of U2’s appearance. The show was hosted by Tom Snyder, and was produced in New York City. The show aired after the Tonight Show. The show stopped airing and was replaced by Late Night with David Letterman in early 1982, although Snyder was initially offered the time slot following Letterman..

The U2 appearance was filmed on May 30, 1981, but would not air until a few nights later on June 4, 1981. The appearance was taped at NBC Studios located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The band is interviewed, and play two songs. “I Will Follow” is broadcast in full. “Twilight” is also played, and fades out over the final credits of the episode.

Snyder introduces the band and the song “I Will Follow” and the appearance goes right into the first song. Bono and The Edge then walk over to the interview area. Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton are not interviewed. The program cuts to a commercial after the interview, and returns with U2 playing “Twilight”. As on tour, the background is filled with the UK version of the Boy cover featuring Peter Rowen. “Twilight” is not aired completely.

Although a number of DVDs compiling musical performances from Tomorrow have been released, the U2 appearance has never been part of these.

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