Brielpoort, Deinze, Belgium

Set List of Show:

Main Set:

  • "Gloria"
  • "Another Time, Another Place"
  • "Rejoice"
  • "An Cat Dubh"
  • "Into the Heart"
  • "I Threw a Brick Through a Window"
  • "The Electric Co."
  • "I Fall Down"
  • "October"
  • "Stories for Boys"
  • "I Will Follow"
  • "Twilight"
  • "Out of Control"
Known Encore: (Incomplete)

  • "Fire"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by U2:

    "Cry" (U2) /

Show Details:

This show was held at the Brielpoort, and admission was 280 Franc. The show was advertised with a 8:30pm start time. The Belgium band Mistral opens the show for U2.

The Edge plays this show with an eye patch, which he has been wearing since the UK shows. The reason for the patch is not known but it is said that he had been hit with a bottle at one of the rowdier shows that ended the UK tour.

Although a recording of this show does not exist, the set list can be pieced together from photographs taken the night of the show. The set includes “Gloria”, “Another Time,” “Rejoice,” “An Cat Dubh,” “Into the Heart,” “Brick,” “Cry / Electric Co.,” “Fall Down,” “October,” “Stories for Boys,” “I Will Follow,” “Twilight,” “Out of Control.” U2 at the time did not add encores to the written setlists so it is impossible to know for sure what they would have played, although we are told they played the song “Fire” in the encore as well as other songs. The last known set list before this show, in Hemel Hempstead on October 21, saw the band play a similar set, although “Brick” and “Rejoice” were reversed at that show.

Full details about this show are unknown.

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