Center Stage Concert Hall & Lounge, Providence, RI, USA

Set List of Show:

Known Set List: (Incomplete)

  • "I Will Follow"
Known Encore: (Incomplete)

  • "I Will Follow"

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Show Details:

The Center Stage was a 700-seat nightclub in East Providence, opened in late 1980. U2 played the venue twice, once earlier in 1981, and they returned on this night for a second show. The show was opened by The Nads, a local band from Providence, and it was actually the last gig for that band, as the guitarist left the band after that show and they never found another.

Let singer Larry Brown of The Nads remembers only a couple of tidbits about the show, including U2 playing multiple versions of “I Will Follow” and the band also practicing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” at the soundcheck. Bono played guitar and lead the band through the song. After the soundcheck Adam Clayton participated in an interview with a reporter for The NewPaper.

Little else is known about this show.

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