Hitsville North, Passaic, NJ, USA

Set List of Show:

Known Main Set: (Incomplete)

  • "I Will Follow"
Known Encore: (Incomplete)

  • "I Will Follow"

Additional Music

Snippets of Other Songs Performed by U2:

Show Details:

Coming off three successful nights in New York City, the band moves to New Jersey for two back to back shows. They play Hitsville North in Passaic on the first night, and then play Hitsville South in Asbury Park on the second night. Both shows start late at night and run well after midnight. Supporting U2 for both nights are The Nitecaps. Early advertisements had these two dates in the reverse order.

Little is known about this first show in Passaic. The band play the upstairs area of the club, and a DJ continues to spin records at the downstairs part of the club. The DJ couldn’t be heard well over U2’s sound system and is eventually shut down. The show was not sold out, and it’s also been suggested that the club asked the DJ to stop playing so more would go up to U2’s performance that evening.

Little is known about what U2 played that evening, although the band did return to the stage to play “I Will Follow” a second time after the first encore.

Bono was dressed in red plaid pants, and a red plaid scarf for much of the show. He started out wearing a heavy leather vest, but later stripped down to just a black T-Shirt.

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